Monday, December 8, 2008


Grabbed the DVD from my neighbour who has an awesome collection , which has become my main hope for B's study times, so I can kill time easily with kids by my side.

When I saw in titles that it is directed by Priyadarshan, I became alert. Hmm, this could very well be one of the movies I saw in Malayalam already. And yes it was, one of the classic comedy films etched in my memory form college times. In Harihar Nagar. In this version, the villain is in search of a DHOL (drum) which is a drum loaded with currency - used to be a doll in the Malloo version.

It is very hard to enjoy a movie if you have already seen its original. Especially one which is rated in your mind as high. Anyway, I sat down and watched it, laughed a bit here and there. I laughed for the Hindi jokes - some were original, some I knew right away what the Malayalam version of the joke is. So I could not laugh..I could only review it!

I am mostly nice to everyone - not very hard to please! So I declare that the direcor did a great job with remaking the movie - it will be real fun for the folks who have never watched the original. The actors whom he cast, the selection of the faces - I would say, he did a great job with that too. The 4 guys are good. The heroine is just a fashion babe - nothing great about her. Worth watching only if you have not seen In Harihar Nagar!


Just someone said...

Hi Anamika,

Happy New Year!:)

we just happened to see this one in the theater - just a random pick on a day - hadnt heard of it until then;

you are right! the original was definitely better:)

anamika said...

@js - good to hear from you..I am seeing this comment only now..

Tojo said...

"used to be a doll in the Malloo version."--- No. It was a Big bag with lot of gold.