Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Quick review just to record that I watched this movie! This Mohanlal starrer directed by Ranjith Pramod got released in 2006. It is worth watching once for sure.

Dijo John (another Mallu name with a J!!! Grrrrr!) is a photographer whose pictures he submits to even National Geographic magazine. He goes to a Adivasi village and walks around with a little Adivasi boy Thaami to capture nice pictures. One day, police shoots Thaami's dad and sets fire to their homes. The little boy is now orphaned and Dijo is very sympathetic towards him. But Thaami is a threat to the police and politicians behind this. The movie revolves around the series of events that change the course of Dijo's life.

The relationship between Dijo and his son is portrayed very well. Same with the relation between Thaami and Dijo.The actress Neethashree acted very well - she has a magic button to launch tears I think.

When Dijo is released from CBI custody, I thought he is going to catch a bus or train to go back home. Could he not have asked for their help or at least I dont think the officers released him saying ' now you walk through the forest and take this challenge to swim across the river and get back home' ! What is the point of releasing him..I think director got extremely confused at this point. All the scenes of Lal wandering through the forest came out of nowhere and kept dragging on and on.

The double role of Lal came as a surprise too. There was really no need for this character, but nevertheless I accepted it thinking this is how the director commercializes the movie.There is some comedy woven around the intercaste marriage issues - especially the paatti made me laugh! Very realistic! There is action and tears and some very beautiful songs. Pulchaadi keeps buzzing in my ears still. Lot of actors appear and disappear wihout making a mark in the movie - Ganesh and Saranya Bhagyaraj to name a few.

A serious movie which tries to add commercial elements here and there lest it would be branded an award movie. If you are willing to tolerate the commercial elements inserted artifically, it is definitely an entertainer for 3 hours!