Friday, September 12, 2008

Aaja Nachle

Quick note to record that I saw it and liked it. Madhuri and her dance, the movie is all about that.

Madhuri looks gorgeous, but for the slightly aged look on her face. Her body is made of elastic still and she is in great shape. She dances beautifully. Music and dance were a good treat to my senses.

Parts that made me ponder were:
1. Madhuri elopes with an American photographer to US. And how coolly, within 1 sentence, it is told that soon she discovered that she and him were not made for each other. It shows how common divorce is becoming in our soceity. She is pregnant by the time she divorces and is a single mom. And the story is not making a big deal about at all that. She portrays the role of a single mom with her individuality and personality. There does not seem a need of a man in Dia's life.A very nice and cool relation with daughter is shown too. Cute!

2. Akshay's role and acting was good.
3. I loved Konkona Sen and her acting. Always. She is really talented.

Everything else has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is a movie, after all.
In this world, who can take the time to rehearse for a dance drama every day? I wondered if all the folks she selected for her play were jobless and that is probably why they can turn up for rehearsals without fail. Including this politician. It is like a fairy tale and we should take the story like that.

The selection of the cast for her drama and the rehearsals reminded me of 'Rang De Basanti' similar sequences. RDB scenes had a punch in them. Aaja Nachle was a good entertainer, if you dont expect too much from it.