Monday, May 19, 2008

The Illusionist

I feel so much at home with Indian movies, that it is hard for me to talk about English movies the way I review Indian movies. I always believe that language is no barrier and good movies do touch your heart and make the same impact. But I do end up going for an Indian movie selection, that is just me. But thanks to B, who keeps following the English movies and their class, I do experience the pleasure of watching them also. This is a movie he saw years back, when I dozed off to sleep. He has been asking me to watch it ever since. That happened this Saturday. Knowing it is an Edward Norton starrer was a motivating factor for me. Enough of autobiography and on to the review!

This is the story of a magician Eisenheim and how he uses his magical skills to secure the woman he loves, even though they are not in par from a social status perspective in that society. This time, I am not going to elaborate on the story. This is a must watch. Very interesting twist in the end.