Monday, June 1, 2009


Started off refreshing and progressed with a fast pace. Before I realized I was hooked completely - especially till the part where the 4 guys find themselves completely lost in the middle of nowhere on their way to Hyderabad and struggle to save their lives from the villain and team. But very soon, I found myself lost - trying to understand what is happening and who is who - coz all the time the screen was dark and it was too hard for me to understand what is going on.

One could guess right from the beginning that the kidnapped girl is in the same place where the 4 guys land - and the two threads of the story would come together very soon. When it did happen, the rest of the movie failed to me keep the momentum. The darkness bothered me throughout - in a effort to make it realistic, it somehow hinders the viewers and obstructs them from consuming the story/movie. The climax was artificial - a fabricated twist of an unexpected villain. The fights in the end were crazy.

The actors who played the role of 4 friends were good - very natural in their job. But the screenplay failed to sustain the momentum and interest which was established in the first half of the movie. The comedy guy (Premji) was funny - but his character goes overboard with the 'craziness' of his character. I thought the mixing of his comedy in a serious situation was good once or twice, but should not have been repeated over and over.

Utter waste of Jayaram. At least Prakash Raj got some emotional scenes - but Jayaram's talents have not been utilized.