Monday, August 20, 2007

Rajamanikyam - Superb Comedy!

This wont be a super long post. I just want to briefly record the satisfaction and the 'clear mind' feeling that I experienced after watching this Malayalam movie starring Mammootty. I have heard so much about this movie being a super hit and really funny. I had lot of expectations - I should say that in spite of that, the movie did not disappoint me. I could not help laughing out loud after hearing Mammootty talking in Trivandrum dialect.

It was like watching the movie 'Sivaji' where once Rajini (hero) starts scoring victories and there is no stopping him. Even though in real life, it is impossible for anyone to be that lucky. Who can deny the fact that, in screen, when a super star does that, there are no questions asked, you just enjoy it. Once Mammotty starts blasting dialogues (not the Suresh Gopi way, but it a very humorous way in Trivandrum language), it just gets better and better.

The real hero is the script and the hilarious dialogues. And the choice of super star Mammootty who is generally not accepted to have the capacity to handle a comedy role. He has disproved all such allegations in this movie. He has done equal justice to sentimental scenes as well. First half moved so quickly and was more funny than the second half.

I am going to watch it at least 2 more times, to grasp all the fun in the dialogues I failed to capture fully the first time.

Definitely worth a lightens your heart!


Biby Cletus said...

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Hey..I am excited to get the 1st comment on my blog. Thanks for that comment!. I am going to keep writing on movies I watch..

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