Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Very different theme. Karthik (PrithviRaj, son of Sukumaran , Malayalam actor) is impressed by the boldness of Archana (Jyothika) who beats up a drunkard on the road who was abusing his wife. It is only later that he finds out she is deaf and dumb - and is impressed by the way she expresses that fact proudly and casually to the nurse in the hospital. He falls in love with her and constantly thinks of how she must be perceiving this world. He tries to experience what she feels and so fills cotton in his ears deafening himself.

I loved the part where even though she cant listen to music, she catches the beat/rhythm and tries to follow it when cutting her vegetables . The scene were Karthik gives her the musical experience by placing her hands on the speaker and conducts the music was a totally innovative idea.

I have always liked PrakashRaj and he is extremely lovable in this movie. He has handled his role very nicely and I enjoyed the humour throughout.

Jyothika has done a splendid job of portraying the difficult character - when she expresses her fears of getting married and having a kid with the same conditions as her.

The director (debutant, right?) has done an great job of doing justice to this unique theme. He has also made each character in the movie memorable and crafted them with their unique characteristics.

Songs were superb (Vidyasagar's music). 'Sevvanam selai katti' was the first one to catch my attention and after a while, I moved to 'Katrin..' by the male singer. It is melodious and has me tapping my feet - and I do love the part where 3 of them stand on the black and white stripes on the road and play an imaginary piano on it. This CD is playing in my car more frequently nowadays. Lyrics are wonderful too - but after a while I felt it is the same concept in all the songs over and over.

A must watch movie. One of the best movies in Tamil cinema this year.


Laksh said...

Will check this out. Haven't seen this yet. Keep the reviews coming.

Laksh said...

I did catch this movie day before. I felt the concept was innovative but the actor playing the lead did not know how to act. The intensity of Jyo's anger at him proposing and the subsequent scenes made me feel like I was watching a staged drama. Anyways for the saving grace was the professor character and Prakash Raj.

Guess rule of thumb is never get your expectations up before watching a movie :)