Wednesday, October 29, 2008


After a long time, I came across a very nice Tamil movie which captured my attention right from beginning and held on to it till the very end. So much so that, I felt compelled to watch it in one shot.

Starring: Jay, Swathy, Kanja Karuppu, Sasi Kumar, Samudhirakani. Direction: Sasi Kumar Music: James Vasanthan

It is the story of 5 (or mainly 4) friends in 1980's in Subramaniapuram, a Madurai suburb.

All these guys have beards and initially it was hard for me to tell them apart.Jay is from "Chennai 60028" movie and even though I saw that movie, I could not tell right away for sure which of the cricketer guys in that movie is this guy! I do have a guess and I think I am right.

The movie starts with the beautiful portrayal of the innocent secret love between Alagu (Jay) and Thulasi (Smitha). The scene were Alagu proves to his buddy Paraman that the girl is interested in Alagu is nice to watch. Everything seems realistic and you feel like you are living with them there in that era and at that place.

The story line reminded me of Kireedom (Lal) where to his surprise, all of a sudden, the hero finds himself a criminal and separated from the loved ones. And I was totally shaken to see what happens when the uncle convinces the girl to 'stand' for her family. I would not break the suspense now, but it is a pain to see if a woman is not strong at heart and gets manipulated by emotional blackmail, it could turn too heartbreaking for the man!

And music by James Vasanthan is great . Hard to believe it is his debut. Very refreshing!

Must see movie - if you love watching good movies!

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