Friday, June 6, 2008

Cassandra's Dream

One more nice pick of DVD that my husband can boast of. Enjoyed the movie thoroughly, feeling the pain the brothers feel and aching with them. Brothers Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farrell) Blaine have been taught that family comes first and even when there is no one to turn to, family will always be there. Ian is an overambitious lad who is not satisfied with where he is in present life. He helps out his dad with his restaurant purely based on his love for his family, but ready to fly out far away seeking new horizons. He falls in live with this attractive theatre artist who is clearly above his class.

Terry is addicted to gambling, drinking and pills. He has a girl friend (or wife) and is planning to buy a new home. But he ends up losing a lot of money in gambling. They both buy this boat and name it Cassandra's Dream , that is the name of the dog who won the dog race and gave him the money for buying it.

The family has a really successful uncle who is the only savior when they need financial help. But the brothers are taken aback when the uncle himself is looking for help from them. And what kind of help? He wanted them to murder someone. Ian is so focussed on getting what he wants. He does not worry so much about doing this. But Terry struggles so much with this. When you see the mental struggles, at one point, even you start thinking like Ian. So what - just one murder - then was then and NOW is NOW ,after the murder is over. But Terry is unable to come out of it. Now uncle and Ian have no choice but to take Terry out. Ian cant think of doing this, but Terry forces him towards it. And in the end...I am not going to spoil the suspense.

The emotional struggles of every character including the uncles and the parents, the girl friends and the brothers are clearly portrayed. The actors did such a wonderful job playing these characters. MUST WATCH!


Reviewer said...

Sounds interesting,I have not had a chance to see this movie but will keep it in mind for my next trip to the dvd store :)

Reviewer said...

Just added you to my link list so that we can keep in touch